Business Data Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor Key Business Data in Real-Time and Receive Summary and Alert Emails

  • Business Data Monitoring - Real-time monitoring of key business information from the database
  • Simple to set up. Easily configurable using configuration pages
  • Current values and history information displayed on web pages
  • Alerts can be specified to change cell color at a certain threshold. Great for visual impact
  • Can be used for positive events eg sales targets met or negative events eg system errors
  • Automatic Alert emails (optional) to notify you of important alert conditions
  • Optional Hourly Summary emails
  • Values can be written to a database (optional) eg for generating graphs

Download Business Monitoring Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download Business Monitoring Software Free 30 Day Trial

Business Data Monitoring Video

This video shows a demo of Amphis BizMonitor monitoring data in a SQL Server database, displaying values in real-time on a web page, displaying alert conditions and sending an alert email.

Data Monitoring Demo Video

Business Data Monitoring Software Demo

business Data Monitoring software - monitor key business information

Business Data Monitoring Software

Amphis BizMonitor is Business Data Monitoring Software. It shows you whatever information you want to see from your database, in real-time on a simple html web page. For example, if you want to see the sales total for the current day, then you can configure Amphis BizMonitor to extract that data from your database every few minutes and display the current information on the Dashboard web page. The web page can live on your personal laptop or on a server where all users can see it. You can configure your browser to auto refresh every few seconds so the information you see is always up to date.

You can also configure Email alerts to be automatically sent when thresholds are reached. For example if the sales figures reach a yearly target you can automatically send an email. Or if your database contains waiting times, you can send an email to management if the waiting time goes above 10 minutes. Of course, you don't need to be in the office to receive the emails - you can be alerted to important events wherever you are any time of day.

You can configure the web page to change the color of cells to indicate problems or positive events. For example, if your database contains stock levels, you could change the stock level to Red if it goes below a certain level as a visual indicator that stock is low. You could display the Dashboard web page on a wall monitor where staff could easily see the color changes. Additionally you could send emails automatically when stock levels reach a certain threshold. Also, you can configure hourly summary emails to be automatically sent so you can keep up to date on an hourly basis wherever you are.

Business Data Monitoring Software Demo

Whatever you need to monitor, Amphis BizMonitor can show you in real-time what is happening in your business 24 hours per day.

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In this screenshot, you can see the dashboard monitoring stock levels in a toy shop. It has been configured to change cells to Red if stock falls below 5 items. Data is read from the database every few minutes (configurable) and the browser can be set to refresh automatically every few seconds so the values you see can be as up-to-date as you wish. You can also see an Email being automatically sent to notify key staff that rocking horse stock levels are low. The items to monitor are configured on Configuration Pages which you can partly see in the picture.

Business Data Monitoring Support Pages

If you have any problems installing or configuring Amphis BizMonitor Software, please visit the Amphis BizMonitor Business Data Monitoring Software Support Pages

or Email Customer Support