Contact Management and Invoicing Software

Contact Management and Invoicing Software for the Small Business

Contact Management Invoicing Software Benefits

Contact details all in one place

Once a contact is entered into Amphis Customer, you can easily attach documents to the custome record eg scanned in customer letters. You can create notes and reminders for the customer, and you can create quotes, invoices and payment reminders. You can attach emails received from the contact and you can send new emails including using templates to send standard emails. The entire customer history is stored in one place.

Contact Management Invoicing Software Details

Quick and easy access to contact details

You can search by any combination of company name, last name, first name, address, email address, postal/zip code, telephone number to easily find contact details you are searching for.

Contact Management Invoicing Software Search

Also any reminders you have created are displayed on a Today view when they are due to be acted upon. For example if you need to invoice a customer or you are expecting them to call you, their details are automatically displayed on the Today view.

Contact Management Invoicing Software

Contact Management Invoicing Software - Today View

Integration with Outlook

You can simply drag and drop an email from Outlook into Amphis Customer and the corresponding customer record is displayed with the new email attached to the customer history. You can create tasks and appointment in Amphis Customer and automatically create Outlook reminders which include the customer contact details.

Custom data fields

You can define custom data fields to store contact details specific to your business and you can create custom reports to generate the information your business needs.

Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial