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CRM Software Case Study - SL TreeCare

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Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial

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Client Name: SL TreeCare Ltd
CRM Software Used: Amphis Customer
Used Since: 2008
Number of Users: 3
Number of Customer Records: Thousands
Number of Quotes/Invoices created: 1200 Quotes and lots of Invoices

CRM Software Case Study
Based in Kent, UK, SL TreeCare Ltd is a small tree surgery company. Steve, the proprietor, who was extensively trained at Kew Gardens (gained the Kew Diploma in Horticulture), has been working as a tree surgeon for over twenty years in the region tackling all projects of all sizes. On the larger sizes of tree or if the situation warrants it, a mobile crane or Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) can be used.

SL TreeCare carry out tree surgery extensively throughout Kent, priding themselves on providing a friendly, reliable and professional service to meet all your tree care and landscaping needs.

Tree Surgeon Software

In 2008, SL TreeCare were looking for an easy to use software package to create quotes and then generate invoices from the quotes, and manage all their contacts. They considered many different options before choosing Amphis Customer v1.1 for its ease of use.

Since then SL TreeCare have been using Amphis Customer as their CRM package and have upgraded (for free) from v1.1 to v2 and now to the latest 3.0 version.

SL TreeCare now have thousands of customer records and thousands of quotes and invoices in their Amphis Customer database.

"Amphis still is a major backbone of my office work for the business since I first started with Amphis just over 30 months ago. I have done about 1200 quotations and many invoices, impossible to track otherwise.

A brilliant piece of software! Invaluable to my business. First class customer support. I have to say that Amphis is essential to my business!"

Steve Launchbury
SL TreeCare Ltd

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Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial