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Certificate Software

Amphis Customer makes it easy to Create Quotes, Invoices and other history items.

You can also create and print or email custom documents such as Certificates.

Certificate Template

To create a certificate you first need to create a Certificate template. Just go to the Tools->Maintain Templates menu. Click Create New Document Type. Type certificate and click Ok.

Certificate Software

Then select Certificate from the drop-down list, select template.doc and click Edit Template.

Certificates Software

Certificate Template Tags

The template is a Microsoft Word document and you can use familiar Microsoft Word facilities to edit the template to suit your needs. As long as you can put the text, images and formatting you need into a Word document, Amphis Customer can automatically insert the relevant customer name, business name, address, issue date, expiry date etc.

You just need to use some of the special Amphis Customer template tags such as


and Amphis Customer will replace these tags with the relevant details for the selected person or business and the appropriate dates.

Example Certificate Template

Here is an example of how the special tags can be used in a Certificate Template (which is just a Microsoft Word document).

Certificate Template

Example Certificate

Here is an example certificate that could be created from that template.

Example Certificate

Creating a Certificate

When you want to create a Certificate for a customer, you just create the customer record or search for an existing customer record, click on the Customer History tab, select Certificate and click Create Document. A Certificate for the customer is automatically created including the customer name, address or any other details you wish to include with the certificate. The Certificate is recorded in the Customer History for that customer along with any other history such as Appointments, Letters, Invoices or Notes.

Create Certificate

Printing a Certificate

You can either Print the Certificate along with an Address Label or Envelope (if required) or you can Email the Certificate as a Word document or as a PDF file (requires Word 2007 or a later version).

Multiple Certificate Types

If you issue more than one type of certificate, you can create a template for each type and just select which Certificate to create. The templates are just Word documents so you can edit them as you please.

Certificate Expiry Date

If the certificates expire, you can include an expiry date on the certificate and set an automatic reminder to contact the customer when the certificate is due to be renewed.

Mail Merge to Create Certificates for Groups of Contacts

If you want to create Certificates for Groups of people at a time, eg students on a training course, you could create a Group for the class and add all the students to the Group. Then you can perform a Mail Merge and select the Group and the Certificate template to use.

Certificate Software Video

Here is a short video showing how to create a Certificate template and use it to create Customer Certificates.

CRM Software Video

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