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In Amphis Customer there are many Built-in Reports and you can also create Custom Reports to suit your business requirements.

We have hundreds of example custom reports you can use on our Amphis Software Forums - see links below.

Custom Reports - General

Custom Reports - Appointments

Custom Reports - Custom Fields

Custom Reports - Customers

Custom Reports - Customer History

Custom Reports - Expenses

Custom Reports - Exporting Data

Custom Reports - Jobs and Job Sheets

Custom Reports - Purchase Orders

Custom Reports - Quotes and Invoices

Custom Reports - Receipts

Custom Reports - Reminders

Custom Reports - Salespersons

Custom Reports - Suppliers

Custom Reports - Tasks

Custom Reports - Information on Using Dates in Reports

Also these two reports are very popular...

Service and Certificate Renewal Reminder Report

Contract Expiry Report with Custom Fields

Custom Report Builder

From the Reports->Custom Report Builder menu you can access the Custom Report Builder.

CRM Invoicing Software Custom Report Builder

Custom Reports Builder

Create Custom Report

Here you can specify your own Custom Reports to suit your requirements. Click Create New Report to create a new report, give it a name, then select it from the drop-down list.

Sales Lead Report

It will have some default Structured Query Language (SQL) statements like this...

    SELECT companyname, lastname, firstname FROM customer

If you click Run Report, it will show you details for all customers from the Customer table in the database.

Click Save Report and a new menu for the custom report is automatically added to the Reports Menu under My Custom Reports.

Sales Leads Report

Copy Example Custom Reports

If you're a techie and you know SQL, you can go ahead and modify the SQL statements to create your own custom report, but for most people it may be easier to copy some existing examples. The video below shows how you can do that.

For some help on understanding SQL statements see SQL Statements Help

CRM Database Table Design

For the techies, we have a slightly simplified database schema here to help you (with some of the lookup tables omitted).

CRM Database Design

And here are the lookup tables.

CRM Database Lookups

Or you can take a look at the database itself if you go to Tools->Folders->View Data Folder.

We have some Example Custom Reports below which you can simply copy and replace the default SQL. Then you need to click Save to save the custom report. You can then run the custom report from within the Custom Report Builder and it will also be available to run on the Reports->My Custom Reports menu.

There are hundreds of examples you can copy from the Custom Reports sections of the Amphis Software Forum

Custom Report Suggestions

If you have a suggestion for a custom report you would like to see created, please post the details on our forum here CRM Custom Report Suggestions

We look at the suggestions from time to time and create custom reports for free for some of the suggestions we feel would be the most useful to the most clients. We do not develop bespoke custom reports.

Example CRM Custom Reports

Service and Certificate Renewal Reminder Report

Contract Expiry Report with Custom Fields

SQL statements used in the standard reports

Sql Server Reports

Please note that most of the Custom Reports we have created on the Amphis Forum are created for use with the supplied Access Database File customer.mdb

If you have upgraded your Access database to a SQL Server database, some of the reports are not compatible with SQL Server because of differences in the SQL Query Syntax. We have information on some of the differences here SQL Server Query Syntax Differences and some example SQL Server Custom Reports here SQL Server Example Custom Reports

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