CRM Software Customer Groups

Organize Customers by Group or Status

To help organize your customers, you can create Groups and assign Customers to one or more Groups. You can also give each Customer a Status using the built-in Statuses or you can create your own Statuses.

When you search for Customer Records you can select which Group and / or which Status to include or you can include All Groups and All Statuses.

You can use Groups to perform a Mail Merge or Email Merge or Send a Bulk SMS Message to multiple customers at a time.

To add a Customer to a Group, just click the Group button on the Customer Details form. You can select a Group and add the Customer to the Group or create a new Group.

Add Customer to Group

To Manage Groups and Customer Status for multiple Customers at a time, go to Tools->Maintain Customers where you can assign multiple Customers to a Group at a time or set multiple Customer Statuses.

Maintain Customer groups and statuses

Maintain Customer groups and statuses

From the Mail Merge menu if you select Maintain Groups, you can create a Group, or select a Group and Rename it or Delete it.

CRM Maintain Groups

You can also use Groups to relate to different locations. For example if you want to deal with all the customers in one location at a time, you could create a Group called South West and add all your customers in that region to the South West group. Then you could easily send all your South West customers an Email or a SMS text message.

Groups can also be used to help schedule events. If you are creating Appointments for Customer Visits, for example, you could run a Custom Report to show all customers in the South West group whose last Appointments was 3 months ago and you could use that Report to create new Appointments or to Send SMS Messages or Emails etc to manage your Customer Visits.