Mail Merge to create Customer Letters and Envelopes

Use CRM Software to Create Customer Letters and Envelopes

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Amphis Customer CRM Software makes it easy to perform a Mail Merge to create Customer Letters and Envelopes, or Marketing Letters to send to your customers.

To create a letter to print for multiple customers, if you go to Tools->Maintain Templates, you can select Letter to customer as the document type and then select the existing Letter.doc template and click Edit Template. The template is just a Word document with some special tags that get replaced with the specific customer details.

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If you prefer, you can create a new template by clicking the Create New Template button and it will create a new template that is a copy of the existing Letter.doc template. It just depends on how many different templates you'd like to have. If you only need one template, just edit the existing one. But if you want lots of different templates, click Create New Template and give the new template a useful name.

If the letter is a marketing letter, you can also choose one of Marketing letter1 or Marketing letter2 as the document type. Or even create a brand new Document type. This is all to just help you manage the templates you create.

When you want to print the letters, just go to the Mail Merge menu and select Mail Merge. Select which group you'd like to print the letter for. Then on the right, select which template to use.

For example, if you edited the Letter.doc template, just select Letter to customer as the Document Type and select letter.doc. Try using the Print Preview option first and just select one or two customers to check the letter is displayed how you want it to look.

To print the envelopes, just select Envelope as the document type and select the template.doc and again, click Print Preview for one or two customers first to check it looks how you want it to. You can have multiple envelope templates and you can also print labels as well, if you prefer.

Customer documents are stored in the Customer History for each customer so you can easily see what documents have been sent to each customer. You can create groups of customers manually, or run reports and add the customers in the report to a group.

Amphis Customer also supports Email Marketing using Mail Merge for Email

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Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial

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