Import Customers into CRM Software

How to Import your existing Customers into CRM Software

If you already have existing customers you'll want to be able to Import those customers into the CRM Software and maybe keep the existing Customer Ids.

If those customers already have Quotes, Invoices, Letters or other Documents you may want to include them in the Customer History, maybe attach some other files too.

When you create a new Customer Record in Amphis Customer, a Customer Id is automatically generated for you based on the Options you specified in the Setup pages. You can override that generated Customer Id while you are still on the first tab of the Customer Details and use any unique Id without spaces. This allows you to use your existing Customer Ids when creating records for your existing customers.

Customers Id

If you Import your existing Customers using a Spreadsheet you can specify the Customer Id to use in the first column. If you can create a spreadsheet of your existing customer details, you can Import that into Amphis Customer.

Import Customers into CRM Software

Errors Importing Customers

If you experience any errors when Importing Customers - see Import Spreadsheet Errors

Duplicate Customer Records

You can also check for Duplicate Customer Records.





You can attach files to a Customer Record including scanned-in documents by creating any History Entry type and attaching a file. You can use the built-in History Types or create your own type. This allows you to store any existing documents with your new Customer Record.

For more information, see Importing Customers from a Spreadsheet