CRM Software - Problem Accessing File

Error - Problem Accessing File - Has This File Been Moved

CRM Software - Error - Problem Accessing File

Occasionally we hear that a user is seeing the message

"Error - there was a problem accessing this file (error code 0029) - has this file been moved ?"

which indicates that there is a problem with Windows accessing a file. For example...

Problem Accessing File

This error means exactly what it says. It gives the full path name to the file and it means that Windows had a problem accessing the file for some reason at that exact location.

Fix Problem Accessing File

To fix the problem you need to navigate to that exact file path given in the error message and see what the problem is. Start at the top level. In this example, try navigating to the z drive using Windows Explorer on your PC. If that works, then navigate to z:\CRM

CRM Folder Path

Then navigate to the Documents folder and down to the 1 folder. If the file is there try opening it. Try creating a new file in that folder in Notepad and try to save it. Then try to edit that file in Notepad and save it.

Eventually you will find whatever problem Windows is having accessing that file.

Normally this is caused by one of the following which may require your IT Support people to investigate...

  • The server has been turned off or is unavailable due to a network problem.
  • Someone has changed the permissions on the folder.
  • The current user doesn't have permissions to access the folder.
  • The disk is full.

You can also check the permissions from Tools->Configuration if you click the Appropriate Test permissions button.