Purchase CRM Software License - What Next ?

What happens after I Purchase CRM Software Licenses ?

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Purchase CRM Software Licenses

After you have Purchased one or more CRM Software Licenses for Amphis Customer you just need to run the trial software on each PC and click the Get License String button and send us that Email which contains the Serial Number unique to that PC.

Or alternatively, you will see the Serial Number on the 60 Day Trial Page or on the Help->Help About menu. If you prefer, you can copy and paste the Serial Number into an Email and send it to us at info@amphis-software.com

We then Email back a License String and you just need to click the Register License button or menu and enter the License String to fully license the software.

Purchase Verification

We check the Email address you send from against Payments received for Amphis Customer Licenses. If you are requesting the License String from a different domain than the one you used to Purchase the License(s) please mention the Email address used when you Purchased the License(s).

Install Software

When you purchase a license you do not need to re-install any software. You can keep all the customer records you have created and any templates you have set up. If you want to Delete any test data you can click Search to view all the records, select one and click Delete Customer from the Customer Menu. If you want to delete everything you have entered you can uninstll and re-install Amphis Customer and this will reset the database completely on your PC.

Questions and Answers

Q If I buy a new PC and I want to move the software to a new PC do I need to purchase another License ?

A No, you don't need to purchase another License. You can transfer the License to the new PC and we will cancel the License on the old PC.


Please note you can only legally use the software on as many devices as the number of Licenses you have purchased and you need a License for each user on each device, for example if different users are logging in to the same PC.

Multi-User CRM Software

For information on setting up Amphis Customer to share data and documents between multiple users, see Share Data and Documents

Adding more Users

You can purchase additional licenses at any time and add users to the software. It is cost-effective to purchase multiple users up front if you know that you will be adding more users later. For price information go to CRM Prices

If you have any problems with Amphis Customer Licensing, please email customer support

CRM Backups

For information on backing up your data and documents, see Backup Data and Documents