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Configuration for Sending SMS Text Message

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SMS Software Configuration

To be able to send SMS Text Messages from our Software you just need to create an account with a SMS Text Message Service Provider and then you need to configure our software with the configuration details supplied from your chosen Service Provider.

Probably the easiest to set up is Twilio which supports sending SMS messages in 196 countries - see Send SMS Messages Using Twilio or you can use other SMS providers which provide a HTTP API.

Setting Up Twilio

Setting up Twilio in Amphis Customer just requires entering 3 values in Options->Configure Twilio SMS. These values are obtained when setting up your Twilio account - see Send SMS Messages Using Twilio.

Twilio CRM Integration

Other SMS Providers

For other SMS Providers, configuration is performed from the Options->Configure SMS menu in Amphis Customer. See example SMS Providers below.

Configure SMS Message Sending with (USA and Canada)

To configure Amphis Customer to send SMS Messages, go to Options->Configure SMS and enter the appropriate Config URL entry from the table below into the URL field in Amphis Customer. For example, to use (USA and Canada), copy and paste this string into the URL field in Amphis Customer...<!telnumbers!>&message=<!message!>&subject=BUSINESSNAME&express=1

Then change the USERNAME and PASSWORD fields to the username and password of your account with Also change the BUSINESSNAME field to the name of your business.

Then click the Send Test SMS Message button to send a test SMS message. You'll be able to enter a phone number and a message to send.

If the message is sent successfully, you'll be able to click the Send SMS button next to cell/mobile fields in Amphis Customer and you'll be able to send bulk SMS messages to groups of contacts at a time from the Mail Merge->Send Bulk SMS menu.

Example SMS Message Configuration

Here are some example SMS Text Message Providers.

SMS Service Provider Config URL Config POST String Config Success String
twilio (supports 196 countries) - free credits available configured from Options->Configure Twilio SMS menu (USA and Canada) - free credits available<!telnumbers!>&message=<!message!>&subject=BUSINESSNAME&express=1
aspsms<!telnumbers!>&Originator=BUSINESSNAME&MessageText=<!message!> <boolean xmlns="">true</boolean>
doluna all new accounts receive 100 free credits<!telnumbers!>&msg_text=<!message!>&msg_servicename=Amphis Accepted
textlocal apikey=ADDAPIKEYHERE&message=<!message!>&sender=SENDERNAMEHERE&numbers=<!telnumbers!>&info=1 success use AMPHIS promo code when signing up to get 100 free credits<!telnumbers!>&message=<!message!>&orig=BUSINESSNAME success

BUSINESSNAME is the name you want the SMS Message to be sent from ie the originator. Some providers restrict this to a few characters.

USERNAME is your username. PASSWORD is your password. These are the ones you supplied or were given when creating your SMS account with the SMS Provider.

The USERKEY is obtained from your account when you log in. It is different from your email address and your client id.

Amphis Customer automatically replaces <!message!> and <!telnumbers!> with the message you wish to send and the telephone number(s) you wish to send to.

Please test these configurations for yourself to be sure that they work ok for you in case any of the SMS Provider details have changed since we performed our testing.

More Information

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