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Create New Document Template

Create Document Template Step By Step

Here are some step by step instructions for creating a new Document Template for a new Document Template Type that you want to be able to create. The example is for a Contract Document but it can be for any type of Document you want to create eg a Certificate or Warranty.

  • Go to Tools->Maintain Templates.
  • Click Create New Document Type.
  • Enter the name Contract
  • Select Contract from the dropdown list.
  • Select template.doc
  • Click Edit Template.
  • This displays the Template in Microsoft Word.
  • Add your business header and footer and any standard text eg terms and conditions.
  • Save and Close the Word Document.
  • Go to the Customer History tab for a Customer.
  • Select Contract from the Document Types.
  • Click Create Document.
  • That will create and display a Contract Document with the header and footer you added, plus any standard text you added, and the specific customer details such as name and address added.
  • The document will be added to the Customer History.
  • You can make manual changes to the Document if you wish or just Close the Document.
  • You can display the Document again any time by selecting the row and clicking View Attached File

Here are some step by step instructions for creating an Additional Template for Document Types that support multiple templates eg Letter to Customer or Itemized Invoices.

  • Go to Tools->Maintain Templates.
  • Select the required Document Type eg Letter to Customer. The existing template names will be displayed.
  • Click Create New Template (this copies the first template in the list)
  • Enter a file name for the new template eg professional.doc and click OK
  • Select the file in the list of templates
  • Click Edit Template.
  • This displays the Template in Microsoft Word.
  • Make any changes to the template in Word as required. You can select other templates and click Edit Template to view those as well so you can copy and paste between the templates as you like.
  • Save and Close the Word Document(s).
  • Now the additional template will be available to select when creating documents of this type.

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