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CRM Custom Fields

You can customize Amphis Customer to store information specific to your business. You can specify what fields to display and store on the Custom tab in the Customer Details page.

Go to Options->Custom Fields and you can specify what to call the Custom tab, whether or not to display it, and the names of the fields you want to store. For each of the Customizable Fields you can specify whether to display it or not.

You can change some of the fields to dropdown menus or date pickers. Here is an example.

CRM Custom Fields

And this is how that display has been set up.

CRM Custom Fields

The dropdown menu and date picker was set up like this (by clicking the customize menus button).

CRM Custom Dropdowns

Search Custom Fields

You can perform a Custom Field Search from the ellipsis (...) button next to the Search button.

CRM Custom Field Search Button

This shows any custom menus that have been set up.

CRM Custom Field Search

Whose Birthday is it This Month ?

We're often asked how to use Custom Fields and the Custom Field Search to find out whose Birthday it is this month so they can send a newsletter or a discount code SMS message or similar.

One way to do this is to create a Custom Field on the Custom Tab called Birth Month.

CRM Custom Field Birthday

Then you can easily perform a Custom Field Search to see whose Birthday is this month by simply entering the month in the Search Field and clicking Search.

Whose Birthday is This Month

Custom Fields in Documents

You can also add these custom fields to documents that you create. In Tools->Maintain Templates you can edit the relevant template (templates are just Word documents). You can add custom fields to a template like this :-

DOB: <!custom3!>
Height: <!custom7!>
Weight: <!custom8!>
Notes: <!custom10!>
Wears glasses: <!custom11!>

If there is any standard wording you want to appear in every document of that type, you can add it to the template as well as a header and footer, company logo etc.

When you create a document using the updated template, the fields would appear in the document like this :-

DOB: 12/12/1992
Weight: 180
Notes: suffers from asthma
Wears glasses: True

Custom History Entries

As well as document types eg Invoices, Quotes, Customer Letters, Job Sheets etc which are generated by Amphis Customer, you can also store history types which record information of interest such as a telephone call or an image file or a text document. There are built-in history types including Appointment, Diagram, Site Visit, Notes, and you can also create your own. For example if you wanted to store something called Callout, then you can simply create a new History Entry Type called Callout from Tools->Maintain Templates. Then on the Customer History tab, you'll be able to select Callout from the list and click Create History Entry to record a Callout for the selected customer record. With each history entry you can enter a description (searchable from the Search screen) and attach a file. You can also link a history entry to a Job for the customer.

CRM Custom History Entry

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There is a short video example you can view or download. View CRM Training Video

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Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial

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