Install CRM Software on Microsoft Windows - CRM Installation Steps

CRM Software Installation Steps for Microsoft Windows

Download CRM Software

Step 1 To Download Amphis Customer Software, click here, to download the software to your PC.

Install CRM Software

Step 2 When the software finishes downloading, click Run to install the software.

Download and Install CRM Software

If you are prompted to install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0, you can download it from here and install it or you can download the more recent Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 from here if you prefer.

Step 3 Next you will see the Setup pages. You need to follow the instructions on these pages and click Next as appropriate.

CRM Trial Setup Wizard

You will see the option to install the software for Just me (which is the default) or Everyone. If you are the only user who uses this PC then leave the default of Just me. But if other users log in as separate user accounts to this PC and they will also need to run Amphis Customer, then select Everyone.

CRM Install Folder

Authorize Software Install

Step 4 After a while, you may see a User Account Control security screen asking to confirm that you want to run the software.

User Account Control

Check that the publisher is shown as Amphis Software Ltd and click Yes to allow the software to be installed.

Step 5 After a few pages you will get to the last Setup screen where you can click Close to complete the installation.

CRM Trial Install

Run CRM Software

Step 6 After you have installed the software you will be able to run the program by clicking 

Start->All Programs

Vista All Programs

and then clicking Amphis Customer

Contacts Database

Alternatively you can run the program by double-clicking the Amphis Customer icon on the desktop

Invoicing Software

Evaluation Screen

Step 7 You will see the Evaluation form which shows you that you have 60 days of the evaluation left.

Press Continue Evaluation to use the software.

CRM Software Trial

CRM Software Setup

Step 8 You will see Setup Page 1. Here you can enter the name of your business.

CRM Trial Setup

CRM Software Supports Any Currency

You can also check that the Windows Regional Settings for your computer are set correctly. The language and currency from your Windows Regional Settings are displayed. If these are correct, you can just press Next. If they are not correct, see Appendix A below to see how you can change them. Amphis Customer supports any single currency.

On Setup Page 2, you can enter the sales taxes appropriate for your business. Depending on the country you live in, some suggested settings may be provided for you. You can change the name and rate of each sales tax, and add or remove values to suit your local sales taxes.

CRM Setup Sales Tax

Setup Page 3 allows you to choose the format to use for customer Ids. You can choose to use numbers for the Ids and specify the first number to use. So you might specify that your first number is 1000. You can optionally specify a prefix to add to the start of each Id eg you might specify CUST. This would make your first customer CUST1000, your next customer CUST1001 etc. Alternatively, you can generate the customer Id based on the company name entered (or last name if there is no company name). You can specify how many of the letters of the name to use and how many digits to use afterwards. So if you specify 3 characters and 3 digits, the customer Id for Amphis Software would be AMP001.

CRM Trial Setup

Setup Page 4 allows you to specify the initial numbers to use for documents eg Quotes and Invoices, and also for Jobs. If you don't mind what numbers are used, you can just press OK to use the defaults provided.

CRM Trial Setup Invoice

Step 9 The Thank You page tells you a few things you can do with Amphis Customer CRM Software.

Step 10 Now you will see the main form. Click Create Customer to create your first customer. You can enter as little or as much information as you like but you will need to at least enter a company name or the last name of the customer.

There is help available on most forms by clicking the Help button.

CRM Software

Customer Search

You can perform a Customer Search by entering any part of the Customer id, Company Name, Last Name or First Name, Postal/zip code or Address. You can also enter any part of the history summary details for the customer, or you can enter a specific document id eg a Quote number. You can enter any combination of these fields to narrow down the Search to find the Customer you are looking for.

Search Customer Records

Date Format

Amphis Customer supports US date format mm/dd/yyyy and UK date format dd/mm/yyyy. If your PC is set to a Date Format that uses . or - instead of / (eg 1.1.2014 or 1-1-2014) Amphis Customer may display an error message. To fix this, you can change the PC Date Format in Windows Control Panel to use either mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy and then restart Amphis Customer.

Recently Viewed Customers

The Recently Viewed pane will show a list of the Customers you were viewing most recently. You can click on any of these links to go straight to the Customer Details for the selected Customer.

Recently Viewed Customers

Create/Edit Customer

When Creating or Editing a Customer you can click Next to navigate from page to page or you can click any tab at the top to go straight to a page.

CRM Software Details

Customer History

The Customer History menu is where you can Create Quotes, Invoices, Invoice Receipts, Customer Letters etc and record all correspondence with a customer. For each Invoice, you can Create a Receipt when the Invoice is paid, to record that Payment has been received.

You can Attach Files to Customer History entries so you can easily record emails sent and received and attach the email to the history entry. This allows you to view emails directly from Amphis Customer CRM Software and you can easily click Reply to reply to an email directly from Amphis Customer.

You can also scan in Documents received from the Customer and attach them to history entries for the Customer.

Customer Account

The Customer Account menu is where you can see the Invoices that have been issued for this Customer and the Receipts for the payments made by the customer, and also the status of each Invoice and the overall balance of the account. You can create a Payment Reminder for an Overdue Invoice at the click of a button.

Custom Fields

The Custom tab is where you can create any Custom Fields specific to your business.

CRM Software Custom Fields

In the Options->Custom Fields menu option you can enter a different name for "Custom" and a name for each of the custom fields, or you can switch off the Custom tab altogether if you don't need it.

Microsoft Word

Please Note: Amphis Customer requires Microsoft Word 2003 or a later version in order to create documents eg Customer Letters, Quotes or Invoices.

Customer Support

If you need any help installing Amphis Customer, please click here to email Amphis Software Customer Support and we will be happy to help.

You can find additional help on the Amphis Software Support Pages CRM Support Pages

Web and Mobile access to your CRM Data

For information on Web and Mobile access to your CRM Data including using iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows Phone and other phones and tablets, see Web and Mobile access to CRM Data.

Web CRM Software

Appendix A - Change Regional Settings

If your regional settings are incorrect eg the language or currency shown is incorrect, you can change them in Control Panel.

You only need to do this if the currency displayed is not the correct currency. You can complete the Setup of Amphis Customer once you have changed the currency, but you will need to close down Amphis Customer and restart it, then select the Options->Setup menu to re-run the Setup to ensure that the correct currency is now displayed.

You may need to do this one more time before the correct currency is displayed in Amphis Customer.

Once the correct currency is displayed in the Setup you can begin to use the software to create customers and quotes etc.

Control Panel->Clock, Language, and Region->Regional and Language Options

Vista Control Panel

Vista Regional Settings

Vista Change Region

Windows 10

On Windows 10 you can click the Windows Start menu (bottom left of your screen) and then click Settings. Click Time and Language and then click Region and Language on the left. Now you can select your region so that the currency and date formats are set correctly. You will need to restart Amphis Customer for it to pick up the new settings. If Amphis Customer still uses the old settings, restart your PC and then start Amphis Customer again.