Email Invoices and Quotes as PDF files

Email Invoices, Email Quotes, Email documents as PDF files

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Create Quotes and Invoices

Our CRM Software is designed to make it easy to Create Quotes and Invoices, Create Job Sheets, Create Customer Letters, and other documents eg marketing material. Documents are created as Microsoft Word documents and you can easily Email Quotes and Email Invoices etc to customers at the click of a button.

Email Invoices and Quotes as PDF Files

If you have Word 2007 you can also Email Documents as PDF Files at the click of a button which means that the recipient doesn't need to have Microsoft Word or a Word viewer installed. You simply need to create the Invoice or Quote as normal, then select it from the list in the Customer History tab, then tick the as PDF checkbox and click Email attached file

Email invoice as PDF

Email Template

When emailing a document, the default Email Body Text is generated from a template which can be edited from Tools->Maintain Templates by selecting the Document Type as "Email attached file" and clicking Edit Template.

Email Invoice

Email Invoice

Email Invoice

Outlook Account

All emails are sent using the default account in Outlook so if you create a signature in Outlook for your default Outlook account, that signature will be appended to your emails. To check which is the default account in Outlook, go to Tools->Account Settings.

To create a signature in Outlook, go to Tools->Options. Select the Mail Format tab. Click the Signatures button. Click the E-mail signature tab. Click New.

More Information

We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial

CRM Case Studies

CRM Case Studies

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