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Email Marketing

Amphis Customer Email Marketing makes it easy to send bulk and personalized Email messages to your contacts.

Emails can be sent to all contacts, or a group of contacts, or selected contacts in a group.

Email templates can be created including personalized information such as first name, last name and business name.

Email Marketing

The Emails can be previewed so that each Email is displayed one at a time with the user choosing to Send or Close each Email.

Or the user can just click a button to send all the Emails automatically. Each contact is sent a separate Email so the contacts are not aware that the Email has been sent as a bulk Email to multiple contacts.

A delay between sending each Email can be set in Options->Preferences on the Email Merge tab to keep your ISP happy. Some ISPs may ban you from sending too many Emails in a short period of time.

If you wish to send a large number of Emails and / or have a large gap between each Email you may want to run two instances of Amphis Customer and use one instance just for the Email Merge and use the other instance for your other work.

Customer History

Each Email is automatically added to the Customer History for each contact as an Email Sent to the customer and the Email can be viewed from within the Customer History.

Email Marketing Preview

Export to MailChimp

For more advanced Email Marketing we suggest exporting your contacts to MailChimp - see Export to MailChimp

Web and Mobile access to your CRM Data

For information on Web and Mobile access to your CRM Data including using iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows Phone and other phones and tablets, see Web and Mobile access to CRM Data.

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Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download Amphis Customer CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial

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