Example Email Template

Example HTML Email Templates

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CRM Software Email Template

This is an example HTML Email Template that can be used with Amphis CUstomer CRM to send and reply to Emails, but what does it all mean and how can we change it ?

HTML Email Template

Create / Edit Email Template

Email Templates can be created/edited from Tools->Maintain Templates. Select Email from the dropdown list to create templates for sending Emails, or select Email Reply to create templates for standard Email replies. Select Email attached file to edit the template used when Emailing attached files such as Invoices or Quotes. The templates are opened in notepad so that they can be edited.

Let's see what each bit means.

The style creates a style called bluetext that we can use later in the document. The style has a specified font, a font size of 9 and a color in RGB format.

For a full list of colors you can use, see HTML Colors

The subject='' gets displayed as the subject of the Email.

If there is an attachment to be included in the email you can add attachment='' and specify a path to a file to include.

You can attach up to 3 files to an Email or Email Reply using attachment, attachment2 and attachment3 eg


<p> means paragraph. there is a <p> tag to start the paragraph and a </p> tag to end the paragraph. the class= says what style to use for the paragraph.

The table tag controls the formatting so you can have multiple columns. there has to be a <table> tab and a matching </table> tag.

Then for each row of the table there is a <tr> tag and a matching </tr> tag.

To specify the columns within each row of the table there are <td> tabs and matching </td> tags.

If you want to see the lines of the table you can specify <table border="1">

Example Email Templates

Here are some examples with different fonts, sizes and colors. Copy the text from these examples and try them.

Example Fonts - This example shows 12 different fonts you can use.

Example Follow Up Email - This example uses a subject, an attachment and a HTML table to format the Email.

Example HTML table - This example specifies a font to use for all paragraphs and a font to use for all table cells, and shows a table with 2 rows and 4 columns.

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