Import Customers Spreadsheet Errors

Import Contacts Spreadsheet Errors

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Import Customer from a Spreadsheet

You can import customers into Amphis Customer from Excel Workbook / Spreadsheet .xls or .xlsx files or Comma Separated Value (CSV) .csv files.

Note: when you click Browse, to open a CSV file you may need to change the dropdown in the bottom right of the window to Comma Separated instead of Excel Spreadsheet in order to see the CSV files.

Import from CSV File

If you have problems importing Customers into Amphis Customer from a CSV file or Spreadsheet, this information may help.

Spreadsheet Tab Name

If you are importing customers from an Excel Workbook / Spreadsheet .xls or .xlsx file you need to specify the name of the worksheet tab which by default will be Sheet1 but you'll need to check if the tab name is different. The tab name is shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Worksheet Name

If you have entered the Tab name incorrectly, you will see an error like this and you'll need to enter the correct tab name.

Incorrect Tab Name

Commas in the Data in a CSV File

CSV files are Comma Separated Files and it is not valid to have a comma within the data which can happen in an address field for example.

If a comma is detected in the data in your CSV file you will see this error.

Commas in CSV File

To fix this problem, open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel.

Then Save the file as an Excel Workbook file (just select Save As and choose the the Excel Workbook option).

Save Excel Workbook

Enter a name for the new Workbook file and make a note of it.

This will create a new file with the extension .xls or .xlsx instead of .csv

Then Import the new file into Amphis Customer instead of the CSV file

The Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 provider is not registered on the local machine

Microsoft ACE OLE DB Component Missing

If you see the above error, your PC is missing a Microsoft Component required to perform the Import. You can download and install it from the Microsoft Web Site here - Microsoft Office 2007 System Driver.

Separator Character Found in Spreadsheet

Separator Character in Spreadsheet

If you see the above error, this means that a special vertical bar character was detected in the spreadsheet and you will have to delete all instances of that character or replace it with something else and then save the file and re-import it. The exact character is displayed so you can copy it and perform a search and replace in the spreadsheet. See Vertical Bar in Spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet Cell Formats

Be careful with the formatting of the spreadsheet cells. If you have a cell that is formatted as a number but you enter some text that is not a valid number eg a telephone number with spaces in it, Excel treats that column as invalid and the Import may not include that cell value. It may be better to use Text formatting for cells or ideally save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and import from that instead. Note that CSV files are comma separated files so cannot include commas in the data.

Importing Records

We would recommend importing a few records at a time to start with to check that all the data is being imported as you expect. If it isn't you can always click the Search button on the main form to view all the Customer Records and delete any Customer Records from the Customer menu option.

Importing Customers into Groups

Amphis Customer supports Groups which enables you to organize lists of customers, and you can Import Customers into a specific Group if you select a Group on the Import page. You can create a Group from Maintain Groups on the Mail Merge menu.

Import Customer Records Into a Group

Special Characters

Certain characters are not allowed in CSV files or spreadsheets. Commas have special meaning in CSV files so they are not allowed as part of the data. In a spreadsheet certain special characters such as vertical bars are not allowed.

Duplicate Customer Records

You can also check for Duplicate Customer Records.

More Information

We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

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Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial