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Itemized Quotes or Invoices with Items selected from a Parts Database

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Amphis Customer makes it easy to create free-form or itemised Quotes and Invoices. Free-form Quotes or Invoices let you type any number of paragraphs with optional headers, and you can assign a price for each paragraph.

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Itemized Invoices and Quotes

Itemized Quotes or Invoices enable you to select Items from a Parts Database that you set up. You can create Categories and add a list of Items that you sell to the Parts Database in the various Categories.

Items can be added manually from Tools->Maintain Products/Services or you can Import Items from a CSV file.

Import Products/Services from CSV File

To import products or services from a CSV file, go to Tools->Data->Import->Products from csv file.

If you click the Create blank CSV file button, this will create a CSV file with the correct headers for you to enter your products or services.

Import Products From Spreadsheet

Any categories in the CSV file that don't already exist will automatically be created when you import your data. The Cost Price is optional, but if you enter one you'll be able to calculate the profit per product. There will be a column for each different Sales Tax that you specified when setting up Amphis Customer. You can change the Sales Tax settings in Options->Setup. For each row, enter TRUE or FALSE for each Sales Tax to indicate whether the sales tax applies to this item. If you only have one type of Sales Tax and it applies to all items just enter True for each row.

To import your items, click Import Products and specify the location of the file to Import from.

Add Invoice Categories

To add a Category, go to Tools->Maintain Products/Services and click Create New Category. Enter a description for the Category and it is added to the Category list. Categories enable you to organize your Items instead of just having one long list of Items.

Invoice Software - Item Categories

Add Invoice Items

To create an Item, click Create New Item and select a Category. Enter a unique Item Code, a Description and a Unit Price. Select which Sales Tax(es) apply to the Item. You can also optionally enter a Cost Price which enables Profit Reports to be generated.

Invoice Software - Create Item

Create Itemized Invoice

To Create an Itemized Quote or Invoice, you then simply choose the Fully Itemized option when creating the Quote or Invoice and click Add Items to select the items from the Parts Database and enter the quantities required.

The default Unit Price for an Item can be overidden or a Discount Percent applied to an Invoice Line or to the entire Invoice. See Price Break Invoicing Software

You can also add Labor charges, Discounts, Shipping/Postage etc. You can choose whether Sales Taxes should be applied to any Labor charges or Shipping/Postage charges.

You can click on a Category to browse the Items in the Category or you can click the Search tab to search for a particular Item.

Create Itemised Quote

Subtotals, taxes and totals are calculated for you automatically.

The Quote or Invoice is automatically created as a Word document with the Customer Details and your company logo and information.

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We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

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Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial

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