Invoice Software - Setting Sales Taxes

Setting Sales Taxes in Invoicing Software

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Set Invoicing Sales Taxes

Sales Taxes vary from Country to Country and from State to State within a Country. In some countries there is only a single sales tax rate. In other countries there are multiple rates and they vary from State to State. Amphis Customer is designed to handle variations in different States and in different Countries.

When initially running Amphis Customer, you will be prompted to enter the Sales Tax(es) that apply to your business and which you want to appear on your Quotes and Invoices.

You can give a name and a rate for each Sales Tax Rate. You can enter just a single rate or you can enter multiple rates depending on what is relevant for your business. You can also changes these details any time from the Options->Setup menu.

For example, if you just have a single Sales Tax of 10%, you could enter it like this.

Invoice Software - Sales Tax

For some countries, there are multiple Sales Taxes eg GST and PST and you can enter both rates on this screen. You can also show different local and State taxes if you would like them all to appear separately on your Quotes and Invoices.

If you sell services or products to different states or countries where different sales taxes apply, you can enter up to 4 different sales taxes and then choose which sales tax(es) to apply when you create a quote or invoice. This enables you to sell the same product at different tax rates depending on the location or status of the customer.

You can specify, when creating Quotes or Invoices, whether Sales Tax is applied to Labor Charges (which varies from Country to Country and from State to State).

You can also specify whether Sales Tax is applied to Shipping (or Postage and Packing).

Itemized Invoicing Sales Taxes

If you sell products or services, you can specify for each product which default Sales Tax rates apply to the product from Tools->Maintain Products/Services. Just edit a product and tick the Sales Taxes that apply. You can still override that default when you create the quote or invoice. For example if you sell products mostly to your local state at 10% sales tax but you also sometimes sell to a different state at 12% tax, you can set up both taxes in the Setup pages and set up your products with a default sales tax of the local 10% tax. When you create an invoice or quote for a customer in the other state, you can manually override the tax setting to be 12%.

Invoice Software - Item Sales Tax

You can also specify a zero Sales Tax Rate if some of your products or services are zero-rated.

Invoice Sales Tax Preferences

For free-form Quotes or Invoices, you can specify in Options->Preferences the default Sales Taxes to apply on the Sales Taxes tab.

Invoice Software - Sales Tax Preference

Setting Individual Invoice Sales Taxes

You can also change these settings on an individual Quote or Invoice by simply ticking or unticking the relevant Sales Tax tickboxes.

Invoice Software - Set Sales Tax

Updating Sales Taxes

You can change the Sales Tax settings any time by going to the Options->Setup menu. Just click Next to go through any screens you don't want to change.

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial