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Invoice and Quote Word Templates

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Invoice and Quote Templates

Amphis Customer supports multiple Quote and Invoice templates and comes supplied with 3 different sets of Quote and Invoice templates. When creating a Quote or Invoice you can choose which template to use.

Create Invoice using Template

The templates are Word documents so you can easily edit them to add your company logo and business details. You can create new templates, edit existing templates or delete any templates you don't need.

Here is an example free-form Invoice created with the "formal" template.

Example free-form Invoice

Here is an example itemized Quote created with the "formal" template.

CRM Software - Example Customer Quote Itemized

For more information on editing Templates see Editing Templates

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We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial

CRM Case Studies

CRM Case Studies