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Print Customer Envelope using CRM Software

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Print Envelope

To Print an Envelope, you just need to perform a Search to find the customer record, edit the customer record, click on the Customer History tab, select Envelope and click Create Document. An Envelope for the customer is automatically created including the customer name, address or any other details you wish to include with the envelope.

Print Envelope

(If Envelope doesn't appear in your Document Types, you may not be running the latest version of the software. See the bottom of this page for how to easily manually add in the Envelope type).

If you use more than one type of envelope, you can create a template for each type and just select which Envelope to print.

You can also use Mail Merge from the Mail Merge menu to Print Envelopes for multiple customers at a time by selecting the Envelope template and selecting a group of customers to Print Envelopes for.

Edit Envelope Template

To edit the Envelope Template, go to Tools->Maintain Templates. Select Envelope from the drop-down list, select template.doc and click Edit Template.

In Word, if you click the Page Layout tab and click the little arrow to the right of Page Setup that takes you to Page Setup where the paper size defaults to Envelope 10 but you can change it there to the required size.

Envelope Printing Software

Now you can use familiar Microsoft Word facilities to edit the template to suit your needs by adding artwork, changing fonts etc.

Envelope Template

Click Save and close the Word document.

Print Envelope

In Page Setup, you can specify the Printer to use and the paper size, but if you find that your printer ignores those settings, you may need to go into Control Panel->Printers and right click on the printer you are trying to use. Select Properties and then under Printing Preferences change the Paper Size to the Envelopes you are trying to Print.

Add Envelope to CRM Document Types

If Envelope doesn't appear in your Document Types you may be running an old version of Amphis Customer and you can easily manually add it in as follows.

Just go to the Tools->Maintain Templates menu. Click Create New Document Type. Type envelope and click Ok.

Then select Envelope from the drop-down list, select template.doc and click Edit Template.

Print Envelope Template

Now you are in Microsoft Word, click on the Mailings tab and click Envelopes. In the Delivery Address field type this


Print Envelopes

Enter your return address if required.

Click Add to Document.

Delete the 2nd page as we don't need that. This is harder than it sounds, so we have uploaded an example template to our web site that you can use, if you prefer. You can download it here

Just save that file to your desktop. Then right-click on it, select Properties, click Unblock and click OK. In Amphis Customer go to Tools->Folders->View Templates Folder. Go to the Envelope folder. Replace template.doc with the one you just saved to your desktop.

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