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Print Address and Mailing Labels

With Amphis Customer you can easily Print Customer Labels and Envelopes.

To Print Labels, there are options on the Labels menu.

Labels Software

Print Single Address Label

You can print a single label by searching for a customer, selecting the customer in the Search Results and selecting the Print Single Label menu option.

Print Label

This displays the address and gives you the option to specify the type of label you are printing and whether it is automatic or manual feed.

Print Multiple Address Labels

You can also build up a list of labels to print instead of printing one at a time by clicking the Add to Label List menu or button for each customer record that you want to print an address label for. Then you can view the label list and print it from the Label menu.

Print Label Software

From the Label Defaults menu you can specify which label type you will be printing and whether you will be using Automatic or Manual Feed.

Print Label Default

When you click Print Label List it will display your labels in Microsoft Word so you can see how they will look. If you are happy, you can use the Print options from within Microsoft Word to print your labels.

Because Amphis Customer uses Microsoft Word to print labels, you can print labels using any label type supported by Microsoft Word. You just need to select the label type from the Label Defaults menu.

If you can't find the label type you are using, you can manually add it to Amphis Customer. Just go to the Label Default menu option, select any Label product from the top list and click Update Selected Label List. Add the label name to the list and save the file. Then you can select the Product Number in the bottom list and click OK.

Custom Address Labels

You can also create custom labels in Microsoft Word and use them in Amphis Customer. On the Envelopes and Labels form in Microsoft Word (this is where you would normally print labels from Microsoft Word), click Options, select your label type and then click New Label... This creates a new custom label.

On the Label Details form you can now edit the Top margin and Side margin. If your addresses appear too far to the left and too high on the label, increase the Top margin and Side margin. Change the label name to something like "My Label".

Now you just need to add the new label name to Amphis Customer. If you go to the Label Defaults form, you can choose the Label product Custom and then add your custom label My Label to the list and select it to use your new custom label.

Will Amphis Customer print to my XYZ-123 label printer ?

Amphis Customer prints labels using Microsoft Word so as long as you can print your labels directly using Microsoft Word (without any additional add-in software) you'll be able to add the name of the label you are using in Word to Amphis Customer and select that label to use as the default when printing labels from Amphis Customer.

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