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Recruitment Business Software

Amphis Customer can be used by Recruitment Businesses to manage Candidates, CVs and Recruiters. Candidates can be stored along with their CV(s) and Job History, their current and desired position and salary and qualifications details. Candidates can be searched by their status eg Available Now and by job tags such as Project Management or BookKeeping. Multiple CVs can be stored as well as Interview Details and Notes.

Customizable Recruitment Software

Amphis Customer is customizable to store the fields your business needs to store and you can create custom reports to generate the information your business needs.

Recruitment Business - Keeping In Touch

You can keep in touch with potential candidates by Email including sending standard Emails or standard Email Replies with attachments to a group of contacts at a time. You can send SMS Messages to a single contact or to a group of contacts at a time. Or you can create letters along with mailing labels or envelopes.

Software Setup

Amphis Customer is a general purpose Contact Management system so there are a few things to set up for the software to be tailored to your Recruitment Business needs.

First install the Free 60 Day Trial and go to Tools->Maintain Templates. Click Create New History Entry Type. Enter CV and click OK.

Recruitment Business Software CV Storage

To store the job candidates, just click Create Customer and enter their first name and last name etc. If you click the ellipsis ... button next to Customer Status and click Maintain Lookup Data you could enter a new status called Candidate and click Add. Also create a new status called Recruiter and click Add.

Recruitment Business Software Candidates

Then for this job candidate set the customer status as Candidate. On the Customer History tab, select the history type CV and click Create History Entry.

Recruitment Business Software Store CV

Now you can drag and drop the candidates CV file into this form or click Browse to browse to it. If you enter tags into the Description field such as project management, they are searchable from the Search screen.

Recruitment Business Software Search Tags

The History search field searches text in the Customer History items. You can also select the Status as Candidate or Recruiter if you use those statuses. You can also add contacts to Groups and search by Group eg you could have a project management group for groups of candidates for project management roles, for example.

Recruitment Business Software Search

You can change a few of the standard fields from Options->Customise Standard Fields eg you could change Company Number to Salary.

Recruitment Business Software Custom Fields

There is also the Custom Tab which you could change to store recruitment information eg the date they are available, notice period etc. You could also store a brief history or job tags in there.

Recruitment Business Software Customize

Some of these fields are searchable from the main search page if you click the ellipsis ... button.

Recruitment Business Software Custom Search

You could also create a new history type called Interview if you wanted to record when interviews happen, or you could just store interviews as appointments.

You can also store Notes and Reminders.

More Information

We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial