Configure Shared Customer Data in Easy Steps using Contact Management Software / CRM Invoicing Software

How to set up Contacts Management Software / CRM Invoicing Software so you can Share Customer Data across multiple PCs

As your business grows you may need to access customer data from more than one PC. With Amphis Customer you can easily Share Customer Data and documents across multiple PCs with a centralized database.

These step by step instructions assume you have client PCs :- Client1, Client2 etc and you want to store the database,documents and templates etc on PC Server1. Also see the notes at the bottom of the page.
Create a folder CRM on server Server1, right-click on it and select Share to Share the Folder so that the client PCs can access it as \\Server1\CRM (see notes below). Use a single name for the share name ie no spaces. Ensure that you give write/update access to the Shared Folder or else you will not be able to create any new records.

Install Amphis Customer on Client1.

Run Amphis Customer on Client1 and enter your business name etc

On Client1, use the Tools->Configuration menu and click View Folder to locate the database customer.mdb.

By default on Windows XP this will be
    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Amphis Customer v3.0

On Windows Vista this will be
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Amphis Customer v3.0

Copy the database file customer.mdb to \\Server1\CRM. In Tools->Configuration, Click View Folder to find the Templates and Documents folders and copy them to \\Server1\CRM

CRM Server Config

For the Database, Templates and Documents, click the Change button, browse to the new location and click Test to check the connection/permissions. If the tests are successful, click Save and then restart Amphis Customer. If the tests fail, check the permissions on the Shared Folder on the server - see Notes below.

You can choose to either store the reports and exports on the server or you can choose to keep them on each individual PC. It depends on whether you want the output from any reports to be available to all users or whether they should be available only to the user that generated them.

Update CRM Config

Run Amphis Customer and check that you can create a new customer (this checks that you can access the database now it has been moved to the server). Also check that you can create a quote or a customer letter to check that the Templates and Documents folders are working ok.

Install Amphis Customer on the rest of the client PCs and go to Tools->Configuration on each client PC and change the configuration to match Client 1.

On each client PC click the Get License button or menu to send an email to Amphis Software with the serial number of the software. You will be sent a license string for each PC. Click Register License and enter the string on each PC to fully license the software.

You can set up Amphis Customer to run in the above client-server configuration as part of the free 30 day trial and try it out for yourself. Amphis Customer also supports using Microsoft SQL Server as the database which we would recommend for 10 or more users.

To share a folder on the server, right-click on it and select Sharing and Security... Click the Share this folder option and click Maximum allowed. Click the Permissions button to check the access permissions. By default users probably only have Read access which is not sufficient so you need to give users Change (Update) access.

Create Folder Share

Share Public Folder

You will need to purchase a separate license for each PC that you use to connect to the central database. You can purchase three licenses for 50% more than the price of one.

You can set up all the client PCs you need as part of the 30 day evaluation.

If you have any problems getting this to work, we also have a Troubleshooting Guide To Setting Up A Shared Database

Please contact customer support if you need help using Amphis - Customer with multiple PCs.

We recommend that you run the Microsoft Access Database Compact and Repair utility on a regular basis to check/fix data integrity. We have a free utility to help with that Compact and Repair Microsoft Access Database

The Amphis Customer configuration is stored in the config database file config.mdb located in the same folder as the customer database file customer.mdb

These are the default values in the config database.

CRM Default Config

Once you have set up one client, you can simply copy that client's config.mdb file to the other clients as a simple way of setting up multiple clients.

Note that if you delete the config.mdb file, Amphis Customer will attempt to read the config values from the Amphis Customer.exe.config file instead. If you want to use SQL Server instead of Microsoft Access, you currently either have to edit the config.mdb database file manually in Access to set useSQLServer to true and to specify the connection string for SQL Server, or you can delete the config.mdb file and use the Amphis Customer.exe.config config entries instead.