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Shared Contacts Centralized Database and Documents

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Shared Contacts Database

With Shared Contacts Database Software you can store all your Contact Details and History in a centralized Database along with Contacts Documents where all your users can easily access the information they need to carry out their duties.

Contacts Database Benefits

With Amphis Customer Shared Contacts Database software you can :-

  • add Notes about a Contact
  • attach files to a Contact eg scanned in letters or diagrams
  • create Customer letters
  • create Quotes and Invoices
  • Mail Merge to send a standard letter to a group of Contacts
  • print Mailing Labels and Envelopes
  • send Emails including standard Emails generated from an Email Template
  • reply to Emails including sending standard Email replies generated from an Email Template
  • track Payments and send Payment Reminders at the click of a button
  • create Appointments and Tasks and link them to Outlook reminders
  • create simple Reminders of Contacts you need to call, Quotes you need to create etc
  • see a Today view of Contacts that are going to be calling you, Invoices that are due to be paid etc
  • record Supplier details and Invoices from Suppliers
  • store information specific to your business with Custom Fields
  • run built-in Reports and create your own Custom Reports

How To Set Up a Shared Contacts Database

To share the Contacts Database between multiple users you need to move the Database, Documents and Templates to a Shared Folder that all the clients PCs can access. Then you need to make a simple configuration change in the software on the client PCs to point to the Shared Folder. For more information see Share Contacts Data Between Multiple Users

Centralized Contact Database

With the Centralized Contacts Database all users can access the same contact details in a central location.

Shared Contacts Database Search Facilities

You can search the Shared Contacts Database by last name or first name, business name, address, phone number, email address. You can give each contact a status and filter by status. You can create contact groups and filter by group. You can also search by any details that have been stored in the contact history.

Contact Database Search

Contact Database History

The full history of correspondence with each contact can be stored within the Shared Contact Database including letters and emails from the contact and all correspondence sent to the contact.

Contact Database History

More Information

We have some short CRM Videos about Amphis Customer CRM Software and also a CRM Quick Guide with more details and screenshots. We have Prices, Customer testimonials and CRM Software Case Studies or why not Download our CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial and try it for yourself ?

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial

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