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Amphis Customer CRM Invoicing Software

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Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial

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Amphis Customer CRM Step By Step

CRM Step By Step
CRM Email Marketing Step By Step
Document Templates Step By Step
Customer Groups Step By Step

CRM Key Facts
Delete Customer Records
CRM Software Licensing
CRM Web Site Signups Integration
CRM Callback Reminders
Delivery Note Software
CRM Invoicing Software Quick Guide
CRM Software Reports
CRM Software With No Monthly Payments
Invoice Software Items - Parts Database
What happens after I purchase CRM Software Licenses ?
Purchase Order Software
Supplier Details Software
Supplier Invoices Software
CRM Software Configuration - Moving Files
Problem Accessing File - Has it been moved
CRM System Requirements
CRM Software Technical Details
Where is my CRM Software Installed
DYMO Label Database Merge
Where are my CRM Data and Documents
CRM Software Prices
Why Choose Amphis CRM Software
CRM Software Architecture
Editing Invoice and Quote Templates etc
Editing Invoice and Quote Templates Explained
Invoice and Quote Templates
Example Invoice Template
Add Logo to Invoice Template
Multiple Quote Invoice Templates
Invoice and Quote Template Tags
New CRM Software Templates
CRM Customer Letters Envelopes
New Invoice and Quote Templates
CRM Invoicing Software Benefits
Contact Management Software
Appointment Booking Software
POS Software
Appointment Reminders and Today View
Appointment Management Software
Appointment Reminder SMS
Appointment Reminder Letters
Appointment Reminder Email
Customer Notes
Invoice Software Sales Taxes
Invoice Software - Applying Sales Taxes to Labor
Shared Contacts Database
Access Control - Restricting Access
Create Quotes and Invoices the easy way
Quotations and Invoices Software
Create Itemized Invoices
Search Invoice Software
Price Break Invoice Software
Example Quotes and Invoices
Credit Notes
Mail Merge
Record Expenses
Quote Management
Email Merge - Mail Merge for Email
Overdue Invoice Payment Reminder
Payment Reminder Letters
Small Business CRM Invoicing Software
Contact Database
Invoicing Software Customer Statements
Scan In Customer Documents
Attach Files to Customer History
CRM Software VoIP Integration SIP Phones
Create Customer Certificates
Mark Invoice as Paid
Create Receipt
CRM Invoicing Software Built-in Reports

CRM Software Case Studies

CRM Software Case Studies
Case Study - Tree Surgeon Software - SL TreeCare
Case Study - Labels Software - Apex Labels
Case Study - Electrician Software - Sky Electrical
Case Study - Removals Software - Advance Moves
Case Study - Retail Software - Living Fire Centre

Importing Customers / Contacts

Import customers into CRM Invoicing Software from a spreadsheet
Import Errors Importing from a spreadsheet
Check for Duplicate Customer Records in the Customer Database
Import customers from a spreadsheet with special characters

Exporting Customers / Contacts

Export customers / contacts to iPhone or other smartphone
Export customers / transactions to Sage
Export customers to MailChimp

Jobs, Job sheets and Job Costing

Jobs Software
Engineer Job Appointment Software
Create Job Sheet
Job Sheet Template
Jobs and Job Sheets
Link Invoice to Job
Job Costing Software
Email Job Sheet to Engineer

SMS Text Message Integration

Send Bulk SMS Messages
CRM Software Sending SMS Messages Successfully
CRM Software SMS Message Providers
Send SMS Messages
Send SMS Messages using Twilio
Send SMS Messages Configuration
Example SMS Message Provider Configurations

Outlook / Email Integration

Email Merge - Mail Merge for Email
CRM Outlook Email Integration
Email Templates - Send Standard Customer Emails or Standard Email Replies
Add Logo to Email Template
Example Email Template - Send Standard Customer Emails or Standard Email Replies
Email Invoices as PDF Files


CRM for B2C and Charities
CRM Invoicing Software Custom Reports
Service Certificate Renewal Reminder Report
Contract Expiry Example Report
CRM Invoicing Software Custom Fields - customize Amphis Customer to store data specific to your business
CRM Database History Types
CRM Software Custom Groups and Statuses

Database Schema

CRM Invoicing Software Database Schema (simplified - lookup tables omitted)

CRM Tutorials

CRM Tutorials
CRM Tutorials - Create Customer Record
CRM Tutorials - Edit Customer Record
CRM Tutorials - Search Part 1
CRM Tutorials - Search Part 2
CRM Tutorials - Create Simple Quote
CRM Tutorials - Create Itemized Quote
CRM Tutorials - Create Invoice From Quote
CRM Tutorials - Attach Files to Customer Record
CRM Tutorials - Jobs and Job Sheets

Example Custom Reports

Report - Quotes not Invoiced
Report - Customer History
Report - Customers not Contacted
Report - Number of Customers per Group
Report - Invoices Total for Today
Report - Sales Totals and Sales Taxes for this Month
Report - Supplier Invoices Total for this Month
Report - Recent Buyers
Report - Existing Customers who have not purchased recently
Report - Invoices Total For This Year
Report - Yearly Sales Totals
Report - Quotes per Salesperson
Report - SQL used in standard built-in reports

Download FREE 30 Day Trial

Download FREE CRM Invoicing Software 30 Day Trial

Release History

CRM Invoicing Software Release History

Remote Access to Customer Details

CRM Software Remote Access
iPad and Smartphone access to CRM
Windows CRM Tablet
Access to contacts on iPhone or other smartphone

Web Access

Web CRM Software

Shared Data / Network Access

Share customer data on an Office Network - Overview
Options for Sharing customer data
Share customer details across multiple PCS - Multiuser
Sharing data across multiple PCS - explained
Check Multi User CRM Software Configuration
Add Multiple CRM Users to Same PC
CRM Software Install on Server
CRM Database Server Configuration
CRM Software Configuration Upgrade
Multi-User CRM Software
Add Additional User
Assign Person to Appointment, Task, Reminder or Job
Set up Amphis Customer Invoicing Software to share customer details
Share customer details in easy steps
Troubleshooting Set Up of Shared Customer Database
CRM PC Crash Solutions
Update CRM Software Configuration
Shared Folders
User CRM Software in the office and at home
Multi-user CRM Software
CRM Database Server Configuration

Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

Cloud Storage and Cloud Computing

Upgrade to SQL Server

Install SQL Server Express
Import CRM Data into SQL Server
Upgrade to SQL Server Express
Upgrade to SQL Server Checklist
SQL Server Authentication
Reasons to Upgrade to SQL Server
Upgrade to SQL Server
Troubleshoot SQL Server Migration
Access to SQL Server Migration Detailed Steps
Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access (SSMA)


CRM Support Pages and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Contact Management Software Installation Problems
Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x
Moving Contact Management Software Installation to a new PC
Upgrade Contact Management Software from an earlier 3.0 build to the latest 3.0 build
Help Upgrading from an earlier 3.0 build to the latest 3.0 build
Contact Management Software - Switch User
PC System Crash - What can I do ?
CRM Software Startup Error
CRM Software Backups
Restore CRM Data and Documents From Backup

CRM Invoicing Software Training Videos

The links below show short CRM Training videos.

CRM Outlook Email Integration    Create itemized Invoice (US example)    Create free-form Quote (UK example)    Import customers into CRM from a Spreadsheet    CRM Invoice Templates   

Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software   

Charity Software

CRM Software for Charities   

Service Businesses

Service Visit Software    Service Business Software    Cleaning Business Software    Plumbing Software    Plumbing Heating Engineer Software    Gas Engineers Software    Construction Estimating Software    Double Glazing Software    Sole Traders Software   

The links below show example uses of CRM Software for Service Businesses.

Alarm and Security Service Business Software   

Amphis BizMonitor - Business Data Monitoring Software

Amphis BizMonitor - Information       Amphis BizMonitor - Demo       Support Pages and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)       Installation Problems       Download FREE 30 Day Trial      

Amphis Time - FREE time tracking software

Amphis Time - Information       Download FREE Software      

Affiliates/Reseller Information

Affiliates/Reseller Information      

Tech Tips

Tech Tips List      

Add email to safe senders list      
Install IIS on Windows Vista      
Install IIS on Windows XP      

CRM Developer / IT Support

CRM IT / Developer Support - Delete Customers      

CRM Support - Microsoft .Net Framework Problem      

CRM Support - Edit Database      

CRM Support Checklist      

Merge Database      

GoldMine Alternative

GoldMine Alternative      
GoldMine Replacement      

MYOB Alternative

MYOB Alternative      

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Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 30 Day Trial