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Import contacts into CRM from a spreadsheet

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When you only have 5 customers or 50 customers, a Spreadsheet might be enough. You can probably see who hasn't paid their Invoice and who you need to call today. When a Customer calls you, it's not too difficult to find their details from the list.

But what about when you have 100 Customers... or 500 ?

There comes a time when you need to Upgrade from a Spreadsheet to a CRM Software Package.

Watch the videos below to see how easy it is to Import Customer Details from a Spreadsheet into Amphis Customer CRM Software.

You can import from Excel .xls files or Comma Separated .csv files. You can specify which spreadsheet column to use for each database field. You can even map additional spreadsheet columns to Custom fields in Amphis Customer CRM Software.

Note: When importing customers from a .xls or .xlsx file you need to specify the name of the worksheet tab which by default will be Sheet1 but you'll need to check if the name is different.

Worksheet Name

Errors Importing Customers

If you experience any errors when Importing Customers - see Import Spreadsheet Errors





How to Import Customers into CRM Software from a Spreadsheet

Select the Customer->Import Customers From Spreadsheet menu and follow the instructions.

Import Customers into CRM Software from a Spreadsheet

It doesn't matter what column names you have used in the Customer Spreadsheet, you can select which Customer Spreadsheet columns map to the CRM Database fields. You can also map any additional columns in your spreadsheet to any of the 28 Custom fields in Amphis Customer CRM Software so that they appear on the Custom tab.

Custom fields 11-16 correspond to the six checkbox fields on the Custom tab and can be set to True or False in the spreadsheet. A value of True (not case sensitive) sets the checkbox to ticked. Any other value sets the checkbox to unticked.

The Custom text fields are all 50 characters maximum except for custom9 which is 100 characters maximum and custom10 which is unlimited in size.

Import Customers into CRM Software from Spreadsheet

You don't need to have all the columns in the spreadsheet, you just need a company name or last or first name to identify the customer.

Importing Customer Updates and New Records

Amphis Customer uses the Customer Id field to determine if this is a new customer or an existing customer when importing from a spreadsheet. If there is no Customer Id field then it will create a new customer record eg for Mary in the example below.

Import Customer Updates from Spreadsheet

The two rows which already have a Customer Id will be treated as updates to existing records (if those Customer Ids exist). This enables you to export customer details to a spreadsheet, make bulk changes, and then import those updates into Amphis Customer. Also this enables you to import new customers from some other master and keep the existing Customer Ids.

Spreadsheet Cell Formats

Be careful with the formatting of the spreadsheet cells. If you have a cell that is formatted as a number but you enter some text that is not a valid number eg a telephone number with spaces in it, Excel treats that column as invalid and the Import may not include that cell value. It may be better to use Text formatting for cells or ideally save the spreadsheet as a CSV file and import from that instead. Note that CSV files are comma separated files so cannot include commas in the data.

Importing Records

We would recommend importing a few records at a time to start with to check that all the data is being imported as you expect. If it isn't you can always click the Search button on the main form to view all the Customer Records and delete any Customer Records from the Customer menu option.

Importing Customers into Groups

Amphis Customer supports Groups which enables you to organize lists of customers, and you can Import Customers into a specific Group if you select a Group on the Import page. You can create a Group from Maintain Groups on the Mail Merge menu.

Import Customer Records Into a Group

Special Characters

Certain characters are not allowed in CSV files or spreadsheets. Commas have special meaning in CSV files so they are not allowed as part of the data. In a spreadsheet certain special characters such as vertical bars are not allowed.

Duplicate Customer Records

You can also check for Duplicate Customer Records.

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