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Amphis Customer

Amphis Customer is a Contact Management, Invoicing, CRM and Jobs Management package designed to run on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It can be run as a single user or by multiple users sharing the customer data and documents. Multi-user access is achieved by moving the database, documents and templates to a Shared Folder that all the client PCs can access.

Amphis Customer is designed to be easy to use and customizable to suit your business or charity. We have some Short Videos, some Case Studies and an Information Pack PDF to show how easy and beneficial Contact Management, Invoicing and CRM can be.

CRM Software Supports Any Currency

Import Contacts/Customers

You can import customers into Amphis Customer from a spreadsheet (.csv file or .xls or .xlsx) and you can manually create customer records. You can also import contacts from Outlook and you can also create a customer record by simply dragging an email from Outlook and dropping it onto the main Amphis Customer form.

Check for Duplicate Customer Records

You can check for duplicate customer records in the data you have imported - see Duplicate Customer Records Check

CRM Testimonials

Search View

Amphis Software CRM displays either a Search view or a Today view as the main page. On the Search view you can search for customer records and then navigate directly to a customer record you are interested in. You can also see a list of customer records you have recently viewed and click a link to go straight to the customer record. You can search by any combination of name, address, telephone number, postal/zip code, document number (such as an Invoice number) or a history string (which allows you to search entries in the customer history).

Customers can be arranged into groups, for example so you can send a letter, email or SMS message to an entire group. Customers can also be given a status such as Sales Lead or Existing Customer. When searching for customer records you can include all groups and all statuses in your search or you can specify a particular group and / or a particular status.

CRM Software

Web and Mobile Access to Customer Data

We are currently developing Amphis Web Customer to provide Mobile and Web Access to data in the Amphis Customer database.


Today View

If you click the Today icon...

CRM Software Today View

You can see a list of reminders for today (or any day you select) eg customers we need to call (Callbacks), customers calling us, invoices we need to create, customer invoices that are due or overdue, tasks and appointments.

You can choose to see all Reminders or just those assigned to a specific person.

Invoices that are due are shown in blue text. Any that are overdue are highlighted in red. At the click of a button you can go straight to the customer record.

CRM Software Reminders

The Today View is customizable so you can display just the reminders that are relevant to your business.

Appointments View

The Appointments View shows all appointments and you can double-click an appointment and navigate straight to the corresponding customer record or the associated Job.

You can choose to show appointments for all people in your organization or for a specific person. Appointments can be shown in a 6 Week View or a Weekly View.

CRM Appointments

Create Customer Record

To create a customer, just click on the Create Customer button.

CRM Software Create Customer

and enter as much or as little information as you like.

(you need to at least enter a company name or the last name of the customer)

The customer Id is generated automatically. It can be a number eg 100500, a number with a prefix eg C100500 or it can be generated from the company name or last name eg AMP001. You can change this any time from Options->Setup page 3. You can also manually enter a customer Id if you prefer.

CRM Software Customer Details

Import Customers

Customers can also be imported from Microsoft Outlook contacts

CRM Software - Import Contacts from Outlook

or from a spreadsheet. You can map the columns in your csv, xls or xlsx file to the columns in the database and also import custom fields.

Data Lookups

To see a list of options eg for the Title, click the lookup options button

lookup options

and choose an entry from the list. You can also add additional entries to the lists by clicking Maintain Lookup Data...

Additional Contacts

On the Other Contacts tab at the top, you can enter any number of additional contacts including names, telephone numbers, email addresses etc. You can also create a letter or email specifically for that contact.

CRM Additional Contacts

Customer Address

To enter the address information, click the Addresses tab at the top.

CRM Software Customer Address

You can also click Next and Previous to go from page to page.

Jobs View

A Jobs View tab enables you to (optionally) create Jobs and assign quotes, invoices and other history items to a specific Job for easier management of the Customer History. See Link Invoices and Quotes to Jobs or Projects.

CRM Job View

You can record expenses for a Job and see at a glance whether the Job is within budget. A Job can be created from a quote at the click of a button with the quote details automatically added to the Job. You can also create an invoice from a quote at the click of a button.

When a Job is created, an appointment is automatically created for the Job in the Appointments View so you can easily see at a glance what Jobs are in progress at any time.

Job Control Sheet

You can print a Job Control Sheet and, when a Job is complete, you can create an invoice from the Job by clicking Create Invoice,

Job Sheet Software

Job ControlSheet Software

Customer Notes

If you click on the Notes button on the Main Details tab...

CRM Software Customer Notes

you can display the customer notes and add new notes to the customer record. Notes are automatically time stamped. You can also view and edit customer notes from the Customer History tab if you change the filter to Show All.

CRM Software Customer Notes

CRM Reminders

If you click on the Reminders button on the Main Details tab...

Create Reminder

you can create a reminder that is linked to this customer record.

You can create a simple reminder by selecting one of the radio buttons, entering some text and specifying the date to start reminding you.

Callback Reminders

You can create Callback Reminders by selecting the "phone customer" option and specifying the date to start reminding you to call this customer.

CRM Software - Create Reminder

These reminders then automatically appear on the Today view. You can also create daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reminders.

Managing People

You can create records for the People in your organization (from the People menu) which then allows you to assign Appointments, Tasks and Jobs to those people even if they are not users of Amphis Customer. You can specify the type of the person such as SalesPerson, Engineer or User. The type only matters depending on whether they are a SalesPerson or not as only SalesPersons can be linked to Quotes and Invoices to record the Sales per SalesPerson.

CRM Assign People

For example, you may have a number of engineers who are not users of Amphis Customer but you can still create a Person record for each engineer and then you can assign Jobs, Appointments or Tasks to the engineers and view the Appointments, Jobs or Tasks assigned to them.

CRM Tasks and Appointments

You can also create tasks and appointments. These can be linked to customer records or standalone. Appointments and tasks can be assigned to one or more people in your organization and you can view tasks and appointments for all people or for a selected person. Appointments and tasks can optionally be linked to Outlook reminders. Appointments appear on the Appointments View and also in the Today View.

CRM Outlook Tasks

Here, a new Task is linked to Job "office extension" for customer A1 Electrics and the task is assigned to Dave Walker. A user of Amphis Customer can view tasks for all people or they can choose to view just tasks for Dave Walker, for example.

Appointments can also be linked to a customer and to a job, and they can be assigned to one or more people. When creating a job, appointments can automatically be created for all people who are assigned to the job. On the Appointments View you can choose to view appointments for all people or for a selected person.

CRM Software Outlook Task

Appointments and tasks can optionally be linked to Outlook and to Outlook Reminders.

CRM Outlook Task Reminder

You can also create tasks or appointments that are not linked to specific customers.

CRM Software Mail Merge

If you click on the Add To Group button on the Customer Details screen...

CRM Software Mail Merge

you can add this customer record to a group. This allows you to perform Mail Merge operations. For example you could print a marketing letter and corresponding address label for all customers in a specific group at the click of a button. Or you could send an email or SMS message to all members of a group. You can assign groups or statuses to multiple customer records at a time from Tools->Maintain Customers.

CRM Software Mail Merge

You can also Email Merge (Mail Merge for Email) to send an email to a group of clients.

CRM Software Email Merge

CRM Software Customer History

On the Customer History page, you can create customer letters, quotes, invoices, receipts, and much more. You can create your own custom documents eg for marketing.

CRM Software Customer History

You can also record details such as letters, faxes etc from the customer, appointments etc and attach files to these entries. For example you can create a Letter from customer entry and attach a scanned copy of the letter from the customer to the history entry so you can very easily find it and view it later.

You can also create your own custom history entry types to record any information you want to store.

You can also attach a file to the history entry eg an image, Word document or a text file.

CRM Software - Create Customer Letter

To create a customer letter, on the Customer History tab select Letter to customer and click Create Document...

CRM Software - Create Customer Letter

Enter a description for the letter and click OK

(if you have several standard customer letters that you create, you can create a separate template for each)

CRM Software - Customer Letter

A letter is automatically created in Microsoft Word (requires Microsoft Word 2003 or later version) with the name, address, date, customer and document number details filled in. This is generated from a template and you can easily change the template to add your letterhead and change the wording, fonts etc. You can remove the customer number and document number from the template if you don't want them included in the letters.

Here is an example letter.

Example CRM Software Customer Letter

This document is automatically saved along with the customer details.

CRM Software - Create Quote / Invoice

Click Create Invoice to create a customer invoice (this works the same for Quotes too)

Select Free format and enter a short description. (For an Itemized example, see further down).

Amphis Customer supports multiple Quote and Invoice templates and 3 different templates are supplied. You can create new templates, edit the existing templates or delete any templates you don't need.

Select the formal.doc template and click Next.

CRM Software - Create Invoice

Enter some details into the paragraph and paragraph header and the price.

Any paragraph headers will be displayed in bold. Each paragraph can have a corresponding price.

Click Add new paragraph to create another paragraph and add some details and a price for the 2nd paragraph.

The Subtotal, Tax and Total are automatically calculated for you.

CRM Software - Create Invoice

Click Next

The invoice is automatically created in Microsoft Word (requires Microsoft Word 2003 or later version) with all the details filled in. This is generated from the template you selected.

There are other templates supplied which you can try and you can easily change the templates to add your letterhead or logo and change the wording and fonts etc.

Here is an example invoice.

CRM Software - Invoice Example

Close the invoice by clicking the X.

This invoice is automatically saved along with the customer details.

CRM Software - Quotes Management

You can create Quotes in the same manner as shown above for Invoices and you can also create Itemized Quotes (see below). You can select a Quote in the Customer History tab and right-click on it and select Mark as Invoiced to indicate that an Invoice has been created for a Quote. You can also click Invoice From Quote to automatically create an Invoice from the selected Quote, and this also marks the Quote as "Invoiced". From the Reports menu you can run Reports to show Quotes that are not marked as being invoiced to help you manage your quotes.

CRM Software - Customer Account

If you click the Customer Account tab you will see that the invoice is marked as Due and the amount outstanding is shown.

CRM Software Customer Account

After 30 days, if receipts have not been created for the total amount, the status will change to Overdue and this customer will appear in the CRM Overdue Accounts Report.

If you select the unpaid invoice and click Create Reminder to create an Overdue Invoice Payment Reminder

CRM Software - Create Payment Reminder

a Payment Reminder document is automatically created.

This shows the total amount of the invoice, any payments already received and the balance outstanding. This is generated from a template so you can easily change the wording and fonts etc.

CRM Software Payment Reminder letter

Click Previous to go back to the Customer History tab.

Create Receipt

Click Create Receipt... to create a receipt for the outstanding amount as if the customer had just paid the invoice.

Enter the amount as 564 in the Amount field.

If there is only one outstanding invoice, the amount is automatically allocated to that invoice in the table.

CRM Software - Create Receipt

Click OK

A Receipt is automatically created in Word and the Customer Account page is updated to reflect that the invoice has been paid.

Click OK to close the customer details.

CRM Software - Create Itemised Quote

If you click Create Quote to create a quote, and select Fully itemised you can create a quote by adding items from an Items Database. You can also specify costs for labor, shipping, discounts etc.

Here is an example of an itemised quote being created.

CRM Software - Itemized Quote from Items Database

The items can be created in the database manually or imported from a spreadsheet.

The document is generated from a template and so the wording, fonts, table format etc can all be changed to suit your requirements.

Here is an example quote.

CRM Software - Example Customer Quote Itemized

CRM Software - Customer Search

On the main form, you can search for customers by customer id, company name, customer last name or first name, postal/zip code, address, history details or document number.

The History field matches the descriptions of history entries created in the Customer History page. For example if you enter a description into the short description field when creating an Invoice you can search for the Invoice by entering words from the description in the History field on the Search screen and clicking Search. See Search for Invoice

If you know a specific document number eg of a letter or invoice, then you can search for the customer using that if you enter the number in the Document Id field and click Search.

CRM Software Search Customer Records

You can type entries into just a single field, or type entries into multiple fields to narrow down the search.

Recurring Appointments

You can create Recurring Appointments that recur every day, week, month, year, 2 weeks etc. For example you can create Appointments for Recurring Service Visits every 12 months rather than having to create each Service Visit Appointment manually.

Recurring Appointments Software

Recurring Reminders

You can also set Reminders including Recurring Reminders. For example you could create a Reminder to call a customer every 12 months to agree a date for the yearly Service Visit rather than automatically creating an Appointment.

Appointment Reminder Letters

At the click of a button you can create an Appointment Reminder Letter for an Appointment. Just select the Appointment in the Customer History, right-click and select Create Appointment Reminder Letter. You can print the Appointment Reminder Letter with an Envelope or Address Label. Or you can Email it straight to the Customer as a Word document or PDF file.

Create Appointment Reminder Letter

Access Control

If you don't need all those tabs or you want to restrict access from certain user PCs, you can do so from Options->Access Control.

CRM Access Control

CRM Software - Reports

There are more than 20 reports you can run to display customers with overdue accounts, customers with outstanding payments, top spending customers etc and you can also create your own custom reports.

CRM Software Reports

Here is an example of the monthly sales totals report.

CRM Software Reports - Monthly Sales Totals

CRM Software - Custom Fields

You can specify custom fields to display on the Custom tab and you can rename the tab to match your custom data. Or if you prefer, you can just disable the Custom tab so it doesn't get displayed. Here is an example of the custom tab renamed to Personal and some custom fields displayed. You can call the fields anything you like and you can use text fields and also check boxes.

CRM Software Custom Fields

You can create custom dropdown menus and date pickers on the Custom tab by clicking the Customize button.

CRM Software Custom Dropdown Menus

Search Custom Fields

You can perform a Custom Field Search from the ellipsis (...) button next to the Search button.

CRM Custom Field Search Button

This will show any custom menus that have been set up - see Custom Fields.

CRM Custom Field Search

CRM Software - Address Labels

You can print customer address labels either one at a time, or you can add multiple address labels to a list which you can then Print Preview or Print in one go.

Suppliers and Purchase Orders

You can store Supplier information and link Products to Suppliers which enables you to create Purchase Orders to Print or Email directly to the Suppliers.

Supplier Invoices

You can store Supplier Invoice details and payments of those Invoices and you will be prompted to pay any Supplier Invoices that are due.

Sales Per Salesperson

You can link Invoices to salespersons which enables you to view the sales information per salesperson.

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial