CRM Software Troubleshooting

What you can do if your PC or disk has crashed or your software stops working

It's rare, but sometimes your PC may crash or you may not be able to run your software, so what can you do ?

Before you change anything, make sure you have a backup of your database (customer.mdb), your documents folder and your templates folder. (If you are using SQL Server, make sure you have a backup of your SQL Server database).

Do not uninstall Amphis Customer as this will delete the database file (customer.mdb).

If your PC or hard disk has completely crashed and you need to install the software on a new PC, we have full instructions here Move CRM Software to new PC

If you can get to the Amphis Customer main screen, but you can't access your customer records, we recommend running a Microsoft Access Compact and Repair - see Compact and Repair database

We also have a Troubleshooting Guide to Setting Up a Shared Customer Database which may help with configuration issues with multi-user installations.

If you still have problems, on the Customer Support menu, click Email Support Files to Customer Support to send a log file for Amphis Software Support to look at.