Why Choose Amphis Customer CRM Software

Reasons for Choosing Amphis CRM

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial Amphis Customer Reached the Final in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011 Amphis Customer Reached the Final in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2012

User Satisfaction

Amphis Customer reached the Final for a CRM Award in the Software Satisfaction Awards 2011 and 2012.


Here is what some of our existing clients say about our software :-

Very impressed with Amphis CRM. Excellent value for money compared to the competition and would recommend to anyone as it can be adapted very easily. Customer support standard is excellent.
Michael O'Boyle
Kas Metal Trading

I have tried many CRM software programs but Amphis stood out for its ease of use and super customer service. I have passed your name onto a few of my friends and I know some have changed their customer database programs to Amphis and they love it too.
John Muir
Chem-Dry of Edinburgh

See CRM Testimonials.

CRM Testimonials

Case Studies

Some of our clients have been using Amphis Customer since 2008. See CRM Case Studies.

Save Time

Create quotes and invoices in seconds with all the customer details filled in and all the totals and taxes calculated for you. See Create Quotes in 30 Seconds


All data and documents are stored on your PCs or servers so you have complete control. Nothing is stored on our servers. Nothing is stored in the cloud.

Ease of Use

We designed Amphis Customer to make it quick and easy to perform common tasks such as :-

  • creating customer records including importing any existing records
  • searching for customer records by name, address, telephone number, document number, email address etc
  • creating customer letters with the customer details already filled in
  • creating appointments and tasks which can be linked to Outlook
  • sending or replying to emails using pre-filled templates
  • creating quotes and invoices - either free form paragraphs or itemised from a parts database
  • sending payment reminders and statements, by post or as emails
  • sending SMS messages
  • printing envelopes and labels
  • managing jobs
  • storing staff details and allocating jobs or tasks to people
  • tracking sales per salesperson
  • sending marketing letters or emails to groups of customers

Amphis CRM

Customer History all in one Place

The entire customer history for all your clients is all stored in one place. You can easily access all letters, quotes, customer notes, invoices, appointments, site visits etc for a customer on one screen.


You can store data fields specific to your business. You can customize document templates for letters, quotes and invoices etc using standard Microsoft Word facilities to add your company details and logo, change the wording and the fonts etc.

Integration With Other Packages

You can export customer records, invoices, receipts and refunds in Sage format. You can export customer details in MailChimp format to import into MailChimp lists for Email Marketing.


Amphis Customer can be used by a single user or multiple users can share the customer database and documents across a number of PCs. Amphis Customer can use the built-in Microsoft Access Database or it can be easily configured to use a Microsoft SQL Server Express Database at no extra cost for superior performance and scalability.

Free 60 Day Trial

We have nothing to hide. Go ahead and try our software for free for 60 days. Just click the Download button and install the software onto a Windows PC or Laptop. This is the full functionality Software but just limited to 60 days and 100 customer records. You can be creating Customer Records in seconds. You don't need to register or give us any details. Just click the Download button and start your free 60 day trial.

Free Training

We designed our software to be as easy to use as possible, but we also provide some short free training videos to help you. See Free CRM Videos

The Company

We are not a Start-Up. We have been in business developing business software since 1993.

Why Not ?

Why not go ahead and click that Download button and see for yourself how easy to use and cost effective CRM Software can be. And don't forget... we're here to help if you need it.

Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial
Download CRM Software Free 60 Day Trial

A brilliant piece of software! Invaluable to my business.
First class customer support. I have to say that Amphis is essential to my business!
SL TreeCare.

Thank you so much! Im so impressed with this product and the customer service is second to none!
I will be recommending this product and your company very highly to friends, family and tradesmen i work with.
I will also be providing a link from our website to your website.
Robert Sewell

Best CRM program out there!
Cody Jackson
HenDen Earth Stabilization Inc

CRM Case Studies

CRM Case Studies